This is what I can do for you:

Specialist translations: English, French, Japanese => German

As a BDÜ-registered graduate translator, I specialise in the fields of biology and medicine. As editors, publishers and researchers, my clients publish material from the fields of dentistry, biology and veterinary medicine and it is in those fields that I have gained a wide range of solid expertise from many training courses and conferences – as of course I also have from years of translation practice.

I particularly like to translate texts for publications such as medical newsletters and articles from journals. My clients appreciate these specialist translations particularly, because I produce flowing, easy-to-read and of course technically correct German texts. 

But there is more.

Should your text not only be translated but also proofread for publication? Graphically appealing design required? Translation into other languages? Adapted for the German market, or even rewritten?

I am sure that I can recommend someone in such cases. Apart from interpreters and translators in various language combinations and specialist fields, my network also includes professionals such as copywriters, graphic designers and web designers. Together, we can be sure to find the ideal solution for your needs!